7 months of construction. 100 wood studs. 4 new structural beams. 15 gallons of paint. 1 exhausted carpenter.

Fueled by sweat, blood, tears, and late night pizzas...

Midnight Print Studios is here.

Construction phase #1:  fix a structurally unsound mezzanine. Oh, and also double it in size. Load in 4 LVLs (16 feet, 50 pounds each).

Lock carpenter in studio. Slide cheese slices under the door. Wait.


Construction phase #2: build the perfect place to record myself saying, "hey, turn my headphones up."

Each 2x4 was lovingly handpicked. Each sheet of drywall was delicately drilled into the resilient channeling. And each batt of Roxul was hatefully smoshed in between the walls.

Construction phase #3: drywalling...Jenn finds a new test of her patience.

"Why do we have to wait for it to dry? It's called drywall."



There were protruding metal shards that was probably going to kill someone one day. We removed them. You're welcome.


Construction phase #4: move the existing stairs six feet and refinish it.

Okay, this part wasn't so challenging, but then we made Vivian do it and assures us that it was challenging.


Construction phase #5: keep people from falling off mezzanine.

Sandy Cameron, lone contractor, designed a stunning facade for the front of the mezzanine. Universally praised, and universally debated about what it is called.

Bannister? Mezzanine front? Partition?


Construction phase #6&7: water-damaged, half-painted, severely abused main floor. While upstairs, there were no floors at all.

4 full passes with a sander. Water popped, stained and sealed. 4 days of waiting for the stain to dry. Now that we've seen both paint dry and stain dry, we can confirm  they are equally boring.


We lived in our mess for awhile. And it was messy.


Construction phase #8: build a hiding spot.

An elaborate hiding spot was built out of Ikea finest. After much thought, we decided it might work better as a kitchen.


Construction phase #9: build a barn door.

No barns or doors were harmed in the making of this product. Just our sole carpenter.