About Us 

In 2015, three friends came together to build a dreamatorium. We started Midnight Print Studios to give creative storytellers a place to grow and experiment without blowing their budget. With our mix of diverse industry backgrounds, we are bringing artists together to develop an interdisciplinary cultural hub.

Midnight Print Studios is the purest expression of our love, our creativity and our friendship and we'd love to share it with you.


Origin of Name

Midnight Print (noun): the towering stack of production paperwork that is printed before each day of film production. Seems to inevitably occur at midnight. #midnightprint #brokenprinter #noinkrefill

Studio - A 24’L x 20’W x 18’H filming space ideal for photo backdrop, small sets and our mobile 20 x 20 green screen. Additionally, The space can also be used for rehearsals, casting, as a production office or conference room etc. We are open to creative ideas on how to make the space work for your creative ideas.

Audio Recording facilities - A soundproof vocal booth, also known as an isolation chamber or audio recording booth, where an artist or actor can record dialogue, narration, radio advertisements, sound effects, basic music, etc. It is located on the mezzanine and can be rented by the hour along with our provided audio engineer.